Our newest creation: Shoot Thru

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Lunch the character towards a cube tower, try not to knock out any of the cubes.
Collect coins and gems, unlock or buy different characters and cubes designs.
Multiple levels, characters, cubes...

You can choose multiple characters to play your game, unlock them going thru another levels or simply buy them by coins and gems. Over 45 levels at the moment and few cubes designs, we constantly working to add some more to keep you interested!

Don't touch nothing!

Try to fit the player in blue highlighted area. Perfect score is 100 points! if you touch any of the cubes you will loose 10 points for each.

60 points to pass the level, can you do it?!  

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   FGamesCreation is a small game developer company. We trying to focus our work on all kind of mobile games.

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   As ALL of our games are free to download, we do need to implement ads & in-app purchases in our games to make sure we can afford to keep alive our small company, we can promise this will be implemented in very conservative manner, as we are gamer's our self's, we do know how annoying ads can be.

   Please support us so we can go on and develop more amazing games for you! 

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