Our second game: Shoot Thru

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Lunch the character towards a cube tower, try not to knock out any of the cubes.
Collect coins and gems, unlock or buy different characters and cubes designs.
If you loose, its not end of the world!

If it happens that you loose, you will need to go back 5 levels. Do not worry! you don't need to!

You can repeat the level if you pay 100 coins or simply watch one Ad! It's all up to you.

Don't touch nothing!

Try to fit the player in blue highlighted area. Perfect score is 100 points! if you touch any of the cubes you will loose 10 points for each.

60 points to pass the level 1, can you do it?!  

Multiple characters 

You can choose from over 50 characters, change your player however you want, whenever you want. This make game more fun and not boring. It's not all! We working on adding some more interesting characters for you!

Multiple cube designs

Plenty of different cube designs to purchase in the shop.
From bricks, grass, metal to hot boiling lava. 

Multiple levels

You will never run out of levels! From the start you have around 45 levels to go thru, but we are not done there... we constantly updating new levels to give our costumers constant entertainment.

Special help, you might need it!

There is special button ACTIVATE HELP on the right side of the screen, after you purchase it, you can navigate the target exactly where you want your character to go and than simply click SHOOT!

You can use only two of them.

Small Shop for you!

We have made a small shop especially for you!
You can buy there all you need for this game:
Coins! Gems! Life! and you can purchase there different design of the cubes so far we have only few, but there will be more!

Bonus coin STAR!

We always think about our players, so we put a BONUS COINS STAR, if you SHOOT THRU it, depends of the bonus type you will get from 500 to 2000 bonus coins! Have it a try!

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